Q4 Workout Goals Final Post.

This post is a bit late, but better late than never.  I won’t continue to bore everyone with my workout goals by quarter, but since I had originally posted the idea and spreadsheet here, I thought I should at least post the final numbers.  As you can see, I did pretty well, though fell quite short on yoga.

I hope to improve that in the current quarter!  My new goals have more push ups, no dips (though I will still do them), more running, squats/lunges, I have separated hiking from other aerobic, and things like that.  I  have also added other more concrete goals like run a 23:30 5k on the treadmill (a far cry from a few years ago when I was consistently in the low 20:00’s, but I am slowly getting better), trail run for 1 hour, etc.


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