Four month post-op follow up

I saw Dr. J. today, 1st time since just before Thanksgiving. That visit was somewhat unscheduled but my patella tendon had really been bothering me so I asked him to take a look. At the time he didn’t think much of it and just thought more time would help.

Since then, the patella tendon is feeling much better, but I have done very little working out or PT the past few weeks due to the holidays and baby Reece, 2 months old today. I did some elliptical and swimming last week in DC, as well as some walking. The last I tried running was several weeks ago and it did not feel up for it at all.

What I’ve now figured out is that any impact activities, like running, or even walking down a steep hill, don’t feel good at all. So things like biking and elliptical seem to be ok, but I haven’t really pushed them too hard or too long. About 45 min on the elliptical and 40 min mtn biking is it. But those seem to be ok.

At any rate, the Dr. was a bit more pessimistic today. I think he was surprised that I’m still hurting 4 months out. He wants to have another MRI done to see if the fall I had caused any problems, or if the scarring is messed up, or if there’s a loose piece of cartilage, etc. So that is scheduled for this Friday, and I’ll post an update after I see him again next Thursday.

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