Simple Suppers


I went to a cooking class at Southern Season, in which David Hirsch, a cook for over 30 years at Moosewood, presented a few recipes from this new Moosewood book. Moosewood has several cookbooks, and Sunday’s at Moosewood has alwasy been one of our favorites — we’ve used it for many recipes in Cooking Club.

The class was less hands on than I expected, but overall it was still good. There were lots of questions from the audience, so we still learned a lot. I’ve already cooked a couple of the recipes 3 or 4 times and they are really good and not difficult at all.

The concept of the book is recipes that are simple and quick. Simple is defined in different ways, but mainly the number of ingredients used, the likelihood of having those ingredients, how many pots are dirty, etc. I’ve only flipped through the book so I only have real exposure to the recipes we made in class, but overall there are several that look promosing and that I hope to try soon.

1 thought on “Simple Suppers

  1. A friend of ours is teaching a class at Whole Foods in a couple of weeks. Allison and I are both looking forward to taking it. I’m going to start cooking more soon. May have to check this one out.

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