Knee update

It’s been quite a while since I had a knee update, so here it is:

Along with my PT, we came up with a plan in early March to do about 3 months of mostly strength training, with little to no running at all. I could mix in non impact things such as biking, elliptical, swimming, and walking/hiking. The thought was that since impact seem to be the biggest issue bothering the knee, that strengthening all the muscles surrounding the knee would help that.

Other than a vacation to FL and a busy week when we returned, I’ve been good about pretty good following this. It just so happens that the basement finishing work is in the stage where all of my workout gear is pushed into the middle of the room, so I haven’t been as good about it as I would have liked. And while in FL I did run 6 minutes to the pool, swam 25 minutes, and ran 6 minutes back, all on concrete. That’s the most I’d run in quite some time until yesterday when I ran 15 minutes on a treadmill.

I have had some stress/tenderness in the right hip as well. Many of the strengthening exercises will help support the hip as well, but we did work on a few new ones the other day that I will now incorporate.

Overall the knee is feeling much better, but I have not pushed it very hard. At this point I’m inclined to think that rest and strengthening are the way to go, though I really miss running. I will slowly add running back in, but still concentrate mostly on non-impacting exercise.

2 thoughts on “Knee update

  1. Are you still doing Yoga? I think that would also be key to strengthening the surrounding muscles and connective tissue. Keep the flexibility and when you’re ready to start running again, do so on the natural surfaces. Not concrete or asphault! (ie hit the trails!)

  2. I do very little yoga these days. 😦 I’d really like to get back into it, but the good yoga studio’s are 30 minutes away. I guess that’s one of the problems living where we do. There was an ok studio 10 minutes away that has closed. Supposedly the YMCA is going to add a power yoga class, and that is just 10 minutes a way, so I will check it out.

    Barring that, I really need to finish the basement so I can get the workout room down there back in order.

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