Ok, and now the background on the last two posts…

The last two weeks our small group has studied Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18, which is about Christ’s superiority to angels. We had some really good discussions, including how (if?) “man is a little lower than the angels,” why, for a time, Christ was made a little lower than the angles, fear of death, the question of did the fact that Christ knew who he was make it easier or harder for him to suffer, etc.

At one point during the discussion of death, we talked about how there is no marriage in heaven. This fact actually saddens several of us, though we just discussed that our current views are skewed by our humanity. God plants the seeds of the desire of love and marriage here, so he must want us to feel this way.

Anyway, that discussion reminded me of the Pearl Jam song Angel. (Click here to see the lyrics.). And that song is actually based (at least partially), on a long poem called The Eloping Angles. (Click here to read.)

I told everyone I’d send out the poem and figured I’d just post it here.

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