MOG and

I’ve been playing with MOG and a little bit the last few days. For some reason, I’ve always been drawn to my listening habits as tracked by iTunes, so both of these seem interesting as they offer a way to track and “publish” that information.

Here is my MOG page.

Here is my page.

Both pages don’t have a whole lot of info yet, since I’ve only been using the services a copule of days. You can also click on under “pages” in the upper right to see local versions of my charts (more on this below).

Both are similar in that you download an application that then monitors and uploads information about what you are listening to to a web page you publish. MOG’s download is more of an agent, that runs in the background. is a plugin, at least for iTunes.

I thought they might upload historical data, but so far it only seems like data from the time you install the app going forward is uploaded.

MOG seems to be more of a social networking music site like myspace, where as is a bit more like pandora in that it helps you find music you may like based on what you listen to, and has a player. (MOG claims other MOG users will help you find music, not a “computer.”)

So far, I like a bit more. Being able to have charts on my personal home page is kind of cool. I’ve actually put them in my blogs pages section. I’ll keep playing with each for the next few days before I can definitively say which I’ll probably continue to use.

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