HuckaBuck Mountain Bike Race


This was my 1st race in way tooo long… I knew I missed racing — racing of any kind — but I didn’t know how much until I did this! It was a 12 mile course, 2 loops of 6 miles, and relatively flat for this area. It had been a couple years since I rode these trails so it was all new to me.

I signed up for Begginer Men, and ended up in 22nd out of about 40. But if you look at the times, it was less than 5 minutes slower than the winner. Overall not that bad considering almost all of my biking has been on paved roads or fire roads as I’ve worked on re-habing my knee post surgery. In fact, the knee did great — no discomfort the entire race, and here it is the next day and it is still fine. I was actually worse off cardiovasculalry, and even more than that, the hands, wrists, and forearms were dead after the 1st lap. I guess the lack of single track was really showing there.

Looking at the splits, I was just about even at 36 minutes per loop. The 1st 10 minutes or so was pretty slow, as I started near the rear of the pack as I wasn’t sure how I would do and I’ve never done a mass start for a mountain bike race where there was only 100 feet to the single track. So I had to work my way up as I figured out who was slow, and as others crashed. Then after that I was pretty much able to ride my own pace for the next 60 minutes, though whenever I heard someone trying to catch up, I was motivated to push it. I think I was passed only three times total, and probably passed about 20 or 25 riders.

So, overall I am happy. The knee handled it very well, and now I know I can at least bike at a decent clip. I have a ways to go on running before I can do even a short AR, though hiking is going really well so for a long AR, where there’s more hiking than running, I may be ok.

Now I need to find the next race to put on my calendar so I continue to train! 🙂

1 thought on “HuckaBuck Mountain Bike Race

  1. Felt good didn’t it? Glad to hear that the knee is responding positively.
    You might want to increase the gym time in workouts with weights. That PLUS time in the saddle/trails will strengthen the upper body to ease some of the fatigue.

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