American BBQ: 3 bean salad

“3 Bean” Salad

Combine anything of choice: green beans (steamed gently), black beans, kidney (kidney is the bean of choice because it’s firmer but I use pinto), yellow squash, zucchini (mine were grilled), corn, onion, and some green pepper. The original calls for garbanzo beans, any type of firm bean would do well.

You can vary the oil/vinegar according to your taste. Calls for vegetable oil (3:1 vinegar/oil) but I used a small amount of olive oil in mine because of the grilled vegetables and their juices. Add black pepper and celery seed. Fresh celery can be used as well as Italian parsley and/or dill. Sugar to taste; start off with about ½ cup and a cup of vinegar for a large bowl of veggies. Let chill well before taste testing.

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