Carbonite is the last online storage/backup site I’ve tried, and so far I’m sticking with it on my PC. It is $5/mo for any amount of storage! As my last post stated, with most home broadband, anything over 40 or 50 GB is probably not worth it, though if you have a few PCs, you could quickly get over that amount and recovery on just one would be reasonable.

One review I read thought Carbonite had a simplistic interface, but I actually like it. You can use windows explorer and right click on a drive, folder, or file, and tell Carbonite to back it up, or not back it up, or back up this file type, or not back up this file type. It seems to use less bandwidth while I’m doing other things per my mrtg graphs. It is still going, but I realized that when I clicked on my “data” drive, that there were lots of things in there that did not need to be backed up. For instance, I back up my internet server to my data drive, and while I may back up some of that in more than one place, my users Maildir’s don’t need to be backed up againa and again!

Carbonite has a 15 day free trial, which is what I’m in now, but I imagine I will keep using them past that. The do not let you use your own encryption key yet, but say they will in the future.

There is no Mac support for Carbonite, though they say the will have it sometime this year. I saw that for Mozy as well, BTW.

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