Streamload is one of the 1st online backup and storage sites I tried. With up to 25GB free, it was the site that offered the most free storage that I could find. Granted there were limits on the downloads per month, but since I only wanted it for backup, that was fine.

They offer a few ways to upload content. First you can use your browser and standard buttons/forms. But that is far too tedious for any number of files. Second, you can use a java applet. That is better, but if you are backing up a lot of stuff, that still seems cumbersome. Finally, they offer a downloadable application that lets you tag files/folders, to keep up to date. That would be the best method, but the app kept locking up on me.

I finally gave up and moved on to a couple of other services…

(One other note in case Streamload fixes the app… They do not encrypt your data, so you’d have to do that yourself if you want it secure. Granted they do offer “sharing” of data, so it wouldn’t make sense to encrypt that. But I’m not looking to share, just looking for stroage/backup.)

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