Dr. of Osteopathy and Prolotherapy

It has been one year since surgery. Things are better than 6 months ago, or 9 months ago, but I’m not sure if I’m better post surgery or worse. I guess the best term would be different. I am no longer getting sore on the lateral side of the knee, but instead under the patella, and mostly from impact, such as running. Cycling, elliptical, and even hiking all seem ok, though I really have not pushed those to long distances/durations like I’d need to to get back into racing seriously.

At any rate, I figured I go see a Dr. of Osteopathy who also does prolotherapy. I’ve heard some really good things about both on the Yahoo group for chondromalacia.

Well, I was somewhat disappointed with the Dr. of Osteopathy. I had heard they spend a lot more time with you than a typical orthopedic surgeon, looking at the entire body to determine what might be causing the problem. But she did a fairly quick and typical knee exam, and that was it. She does think that prolotherapy is worth a shot — as she put it “you have nothing to lose.” It is a pretty non-invasive procedure. While there will be some short term pain and discomfort, because it is intended to be like a minor injury so that the body will heal itself, long term, there should be no issues. (It is very targeted, unlike a normal injury.)

Basically the doctor would inject a mixture of dextrose and water under the patella, in an attempt to get the cartiladge under there to heal up more, so that impact from running does not bother me. It would be a series of at least 4 injections, about two weeks a part. I would be able to ice and take tylenol for pain, but no NSAIDS, as the inflamation is needed as part of the healing process. I’d have to really limit activity during the cycle and for up to 4 weeks after, so we’d be looking at 12 weeks. 😦

At this point, I have a race scheduled in a few weeks, so I will definitely wait until that is over before I decide.

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