More computer problems

I posted recently about some computer problems. Well, I’ve had some more the past few days, and at least one of them doesn’t seem to have much info on line, so I want to document it here.

  1. First, Kelly’s HD on her mac died while I was out of town. She had been complaining it was acting weird/slow, and then one time mail seemed to get stuck, so she killed it, and then shut down and tried to reboot. Nothing but a blue screen. I suggested just pulling the battery, thinking that would fix it. Our neighbor does mac support, so she called him, and that was his 1st thought too, but after looking at it, he discovered the HD was no longer bootable. He was able to recover all the data, though with the backup solution I have in place, I was not too worried about that. He put in a new bigger HD, and all seems to be well again.
  2. Second, and the one I want to document for anyone else that may have this problem… I saw on slickdeals a 400GB for $89 shipped, from fryes. I couldn’t pass it up, and as soon as it came, I installed it. I had a lot of issues with the drive on windows XP…. First, I tried to install it with disc manager, and did a full format, only to have that fail at the end. I then tried using SeaGate’s DiscWizard to install and format it, and that seemed to go fine, accept that once it was finished, XP still showed it as unformated.
    I worked on it for a while, called SeaGate, and they said it was likely bad, so return it to fryes. I did that, but had the exact same problems on the new one! I had recently installed Vista on a different partition on the main drive, so I thought I’d give that a shot, and it worked fine! Formatted easily and quickly, and was able to copy files to it. So now I knew something was wrong with my XP build, and I called SeaGate back. This time they were able to tell me how to fix it without a problem.

    Here are some of the errors I saw:

    • When formating from windows xp (disk manager), it just failed with “windows could not format the drive.” Not very useful.
    • When formating from a dos prompt in windows, I got “the second ntfs boot sector is unwriteable.”
    • When formating from DiscWizard, I got no errors, and it looked like it was successful, only XP could do nothing
    • When formatting with Partition Magic 8.0, I got a #514 error.
    • When I successfully formated it in Vista, and then tried to use it in XP, I got “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”
  3. This time, Seagate asked if I had the “Intel Application Accelerator” installed, which I did. Version 2.2. I don’t know where this came from, or when it was installed. I have a shuttle SB51G, and maybe it is part of the driver install that came with the barebones system, or maybe it happened when I upgraded the intel built in video driver. He said that applicaiton is known to have problems with partitions larger than 137 GB, even though I had done everything to make XP handle drives bigger than that. In fact, my primary drive is 160GB, even though it has several partitions, noe of which is greater than 137GB. So I downloaded the latest version, 2.3, installed it, rebooted, and right away, XP was able to see the drive and use it with no problems.

1 thought on “More computer problems

  1. Interesting. I recently bought a 300G Maxtor HDD and installed it and had similar problems. Even though it said that it had not formatted it, when I went in through the Disk management console in Computer Management, it showed up without a drive letter and unformatted. I assigned it a drive letter and then magically, it showed up as a dynamic disk which was read and writable in both XP and Vista (which I’ve since dumped) and haven’t had any problems with since. I don’t have the Intel App accelerator so I’m not sure what caused my drive issues. Good troubleshooting.

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