AT: Iron Mountain Gap — > US 19 E

Note: I have now done 2 weekend backpack trips on the Appalachian Trail, so if I am going to become a “sectional thru-hiker” then I figure I should start blogging about it.

This 1st entry is from my 1st trip in April of 2005, when we got caught in blizzard like conditions, complete with white-outs where we couldn’t follow the trail and had to turn back in 60-70 mph winds. The 4 of us set up the 3 man tent and rode out the storm overnight, for 14 hours.

Trip Details

People: Sean, Mike, Jeremy, Gary

Dates: April 2005

Distance: 28.7 miles

Day 1: TN 107, Iron Mountain to Roan Mountain Shelter

Day 2: Roan High Knob Shelter, had to turn back at Bradly Gap as the snow/wind got too bad, slept in a tent somwhere south of there…

Day 3: From just south of Bradley Gap to US 19 E. Had to break snow at least knee deep.

Pictures: Click here for my sharpcast album.  [ Update 11/20/2012:  The sharpcast album is long gone so I’ll include a couple shots below…]

Map: Below is a map of the general area… TN 107/Iron Mountain Gap does not show up on this map, but it is north of Spivey’s Gap and South of Roan Mountain.



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