What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know.


Although the knowledge in this book is supposed to be what a kindergartner knows when they are leaving kindergarten, I decided to get it now for Riley even though she is still in preschool. There is a whole series of these books, based on “core knowledge” that all kids of a given grade level are supposed to know.

So far, Riley has enjoyed some of the stories in this book that are not in our other kid books, such as the story of King Midas, Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones, The Three Little Kittens, etc. And some of the stories are slightly different from versions we have.

Beyond the stories and poems, we have looked a little bit at geography, American History (Riley now knows George Washington cut down a cherry tree and didn’t lie about it), art, etc.

There are also sections on math and reading, but we’ve just done a little bit in those sections so far.

I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Sometimes Riley is not in the mood to learn and then she normally doesn’t want to read this book unless we just stick to the stories, but sometimes she gets quite engaged with it.

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