“There’s a certain amount of humility that is attached to wonder, and a certain amount of pride attached to knowledge and I think the moment you say ‘we know beyond a shadow of a doubt this exists’, you can’t have faith that it exists. Faith is no longer possible. So faith is only possible when doubt is possible. Faith is only possible when humility and wonder is possible. And I feel like the musical world of humility and wonder is a much wider door to enter into than the narrow confines of epistemology and things like knowledge and these really narrow boxes. That’s kind of where our songs are… [those are] the worlds our songs are trying to explore.” – Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)

Note:  Switchfoot has “come out of nowhere” to by the #1 played band for me on iTunes…  Looking at the “date added” column, I 1st ripped a Switchfoot CD in July of 2006, so it’s only been a year and they passed long time favorites of mine like Dar Williams, U2, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, etc.    Granted I have only been keeping iTunes stats since Febuary of 2004 or so, so it doesn’t include a lifetime of listening by any means…

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