Recently Read Books

‘ve been really bad about posting anything on the books I’ve read recently, so I’m going to do a very quick mass post to catch up, which means I won’t be writing much about any of them at this point…

We are working on opening a Classical Christian School, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading in tht area. Wilson is one of the founders of Logos, and that is the real 1st school that started off this style of educaiton… Harsh Truth is a bit sensationalist and goes on and on in some areas where just a little info would have been plenty:




We have looked at various real estate for investment purposes. The following is a good beginners book, to at least get an overview. But depending on what you want to do, you will likely want to read more in depth books on specific areas.wall.GIF


Yes, I did read this again… After reading the Guidebook a few months back, I really wanted to read it again. Always a classic! 🙂


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