Sentimental, Hearbroken Rednecks. Stories from the South.

by Greg Bottoms.


I happened to see this when Kelly and I were at the Fearrington on a “Winter Getaway” as we browsed McInthosh’s book store. When I opened the book, the title “LSD in Raleigh” caught my eye, and as I started reading I saw the event occurred at the same Lalapalooza concert I was at. (No LSD for me!) After reading a little of the story, I thought I’d get the book. I am a short story fan, but it seems like this genre is out of favor these days. Or at least I don’t see it very often.

The first few stores are much less dark than the latter stories, but they are all good reads. Almost all of them have a writer as the main character.

Only a couple quotes:

  • I understand that the better one gets at writing, the more one can do with language, form it and reform it like so much clay, pack it with density or strip it down, the harder writing gets……
  • All writers, at least all the ones I know, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, tend to be outsiders to some degree, socially guarded, a little scorched on the inside, entraced by the world yet not quite trusting it completely…

One other note… One of the stories makes me want to read The Stories of Breece D’J Pancake so I’ve added that to my amazon wish-list.

3 thoughts on “Sentimental, Hearbroken Rednecks. Stories from the South.

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