I Am Legend.

Almost more horror than anything, which is not my favorite genre (by far!)… Will Smith has certainly matured as an actor over the years, though his performance in “The Pursuit of Happiness” was probably better…

This does want to make me re-read Stephen King’s “The Stand (Unabridged),” which I think I prefer in terms of this often told story… (Man-made killer virus released on the world.)

Only one quote:

God didn’t do this to us, we did.

Kind of goes with my Dad’s theory that God operates under the “Just in Time” principle of management. I should dig up that email and post it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Am Legend.

  1. Hey there. My name’s Will. I’m new to this whole WordPress blogging environment. Just looking around. My first blog I posted tonight was about I Am Legend. It also made me think of The Stand. I read the unabridged version last summer for the first time. Good book, little long. I don’t know if you ever saw the film, but I absolutely HATED it. Made for tv, with poor acting and special effects. I am in the middle of watching Cloverfield right now. Have you seen it? Any thoughts?

  2. Yeah I never watched the movie of the Stand, figured it didn’t look to good.. And I have not seen Cloverfield, but will look at it and add it to my list if it sounds good.

    (Oh, and I did find the email exchange I had with my Dad and posted it…)

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