Star Wars. 1977.

I still remember driving to NY City from West Point with my Dad, to watch this when it first came out in 1977.  I was not quite seven at the time….  Riley has been asking about it recently, as one of her friends loves it.  I figured she is almost 6, so almost the same age as me, and that she was probably ready for it.  It is really the 1st movie she has seen with any amount of death in it, though I’d have to say that death in this movie compared to new movies is much tamer.  There was one scene when an arm is cut off by a light saber that maybe was a little much!  Reece watched some of it as a well, but I think he is at a young enough age (2.5), that it doesn’t really register the same way with an (almost) 6 year old.

There are some decent life lessons in it that Riley and I talked about, though not really in depth.  But as things come up over the next few weeks, I’ll try to tie them and reference the movie.  Such lessons include good vs. evil (spiritual warfare, for a Christian perspective), patience, loyalty, and make believe (this is just a movie!).

Looking at the movie now, from my perspective, after 30+ years, it is pretty amazing how well they did with the special effects — the flying space ships, all the characters/creatures, explosions.  And the sound was fantastic.  Guess that is why it won best visual effects and best sound effects.

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