Wild at Heart. John Eldredge.

Regular readers will know that I have mentioned this book a lot over the past couple of months, as it has lead me to read other books and watch some movies.  We did this as a men’s study at church, and wrapped up a while back, but I haven’t had a chance to write much on it yet.  I really could write a lot about this book, and I had a ton of dog-eared pages to put in quotes, but I don’t think I will.   Instead, I will make an interesting observation, and then list who I think should read this book.


It was very interesting, but many of the men in our group did not like this book at all at the beginning, but loved it by the end.  For me, I loved it from the beginning  — in fact I had trouble not reading it all in a day or two.  I did not want to do that as I wanted to read a chapter at a time to match up with our study schedule.   I was instanly drawn into the outdoor adventure that Eldridge says all men desire.  And any one that knows me knows I love the outdoors:  hiking, back packing, mountain biking, camping, orienteering, and adventure racing.  But it wasn’t just that.  There were phrases like “the high country of the soul” that spoke to me — because “the high country of the mind” is used throughout Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, one of my all time favorites.  And there was the famous Teddy Roosevelt quote on critics and the arena that seemed to come at me from many different sources all at the same time.  And some of my favorite quotes from others like Thoreau…

Anyway, I would be interested in hearing from others who have read this to see if they were instantly hooked or if it took a while, and why you think that was so for you.

Who should read it:

  • All Christian men (from mid teens all the way up!)
  • Any man that has “spiritual longings” (or questions) whether Christian or not
  • Any wife of a man that reads it (or better yet, after the husband has read it, read it together as a couple)

Kelly and I just started reading it together, and I look forward to continuing that!

One final point… Take the time to get the accompanying “Field Manual” and work through the questions in there.  You will get much more out of it if you do that.

6 thoughts on “Wild at Heart. John Eldredge.

  1. I’ll admit, I fall into the category of those who did not like the beginning of the book, but I also haven’t finished it. Started it several months ago and just haven’t picked it up since. Your observations have inspired me to pick it back up again and try to finish it.

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  3. This is one of the best books that I have ever read. In fact I’m in the middle of reading it for the 4th time. Wild at Heart is inspiring and motivating! Finally a book for men that sheds light on the true masculine side of God and Christianity (it also inlightens us regarding the feminine qualities that God has instilled in the opposite sex). Our culture and our churches have tried to make us good little boys but we’re not. God didn’t make us that way! John challenges us to live out the wild and manly desires of our heart the way that God intended us to. HE planted those desires in us and they are a direct relection of who HE is!

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  6. If you like Wild At Heart, check out the podcasts on our web-site, http://www.e-mensministry.com. It’s the electronic men’s outreach of EveryManAlive, operating out of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Each podcast lasts only 9 to 12 minutes and we feel sure they will awaken something in you… LIFE!

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