Charlie Wilson’s War (2007). (7.5/10)

I thought this movie was very good.  If you have any interest in recent world history, or how the major religions are woven throughout world history and geo-political situations, it is especially relevant.  It also made me feel very ignorant for when some of the major battles were taking place — in 1988 when I was graduating high school, and I had no clue about much of what this movie was about.  At least I know more now — or at least I hope I do.  And I’m not sure why I didn’t know much then… It certainly wasn’t talked about in high school classes, or if it was, I totally missed it.  Today I hope I am less ignorant, but while I feel I may be a little above the typical American in regards to knowledge of world affairs, I still feel I would be considered ignorant by the rest of the world.

There were a lot of good quotes, some quite funny.  I’ll leave out the ones with high sexual innuendo since this is a family oriented blog.  🙂

  • Why is congress saying one thing and doing another?    ->  Tradition Mostly
  • I do not understand the energy women have after sex… Dancing around, baking cakes…  (Ok, one w.r.t. sex.)
  • You know you are pretty much at rock bottom when you have been told you have character flaws by a man who killed his predecessor in a coup.
  • You ain’t James Bond…  -> And you ain’t Thomas Jefferson, so let’s call it even.
  • When Charlies said “For the love of Christ” to a Jewish/Israel man — I thought that was pretty funny…

Beyond the above quotes, there were a couple of other items that stood out to me.

  1. The Zen Master story of the boy who got a horse for his birthday, and everyone said “that’s great!”  The ZM said “we’ll see.”  The boy later fell off the horse and broke his leg, and everyone said “oh, how terrible!”  And the ZM said “we’ll see.”  Later a war broke out, and the boy could not go because of his leg.  Everyone said “that is great!”  And the ZM said “we’ll see…”
  2. In speaking of single malt scotch as the “King of Drinks” according to Robert Lewis Stevenson… I had to look up the poem and read it after seeing it referenced in the movie.  You can find it here. (Good luck unless you are up on your Olde English.. Or is it Olde Scot?)

Finally, the quote at the end from Charlie Wilson himself… Unfortunately, too true.  😦

These things happened, and they were glorious.  They changed the world… And then we fxxx’ed up the end game.

To see a better “review,” from a much better writer, and a much brighter mind, and to read more insight into this particular quote and to Charlie Wilson himself, see this link.

p.s. It also made me break out Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning!”   Which is a scary thought.   A VERY scary thought. :-/

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