The Ghosts of Christmas Eve. 1999.

I am a huge Trans-Siberian Orchestra fan.  They are 4th on my most played artist list according to ilike, which is pretty amazing since three of their four albums are Christmas albums, and I tend to not listen to them except in December!  (I do love their one non-Christmas album “Beethoven’s Last Night,” and I have been planning on a blog entry for it at some point.)

October is definitely early to watch a Christmas movie, but TSO is coming here in November, and I wanted to have Riley watch the movie to see if she would be interested in going to the concert.  Turns out she loved the movie part, but said she thought she might be bored at the concert if it was just music and not a movie!  😦

If you are a TSO fan, you will probably like this short movie (45 min.), and if you are not a TSO fan, you may like it.  I still can’t decide, after just one viewing, if it really captured TSO’s music and the emotion it can pull.  The story in the movie is much different from the three Christmas albums, and while the music was tied in pretty well, most of the music is from the stories of the albums and not the story of the movie.  I also can’t compare to a live show since I have yet to see them, but I still want to!

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