Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. 2008

expelled I know there is a lot of controversy around this movie, and I certainly understand that especially if any of the information on how some of the interviews were obtained is accurate.  In my mind there should have been no need to get interviews in anyway other than aboveboard methods.  

However, beyond that, I think this film should be watched, and no matter which side of the “wall” (more on that below) you are on, you should try to leave your biases at the door.

I know this film is slanted heavily in favor of one side of the story, but that is ok, it is a documentary with a purpose.  In fact, the “propaganda” affected me to some extent.  I thought the Berlin Wall metaphor and associated naziism and communism was way over the top in the beginning, but by the end, I felt like “The Wall” metaphor was more appropriate.

Again, don’t let your preconceived notions and biases prevent you from seeing a film just because you may fall on the opposite side of the debate than what the film is arguing for or against).

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