Reading List 2009


Last year was a year of much secular philosophy, mainly due to reading four Ayn Rand books, so this year I thought I would go the other way.  I have gotten very interested in Reformed Theology recently, so I plan on working through a few books on that including the original Institutes of Christianity by John Calvin.

Here is my current list, in no particular order.   A few of these I have already started, and I am sure more will be added as the year goes on.

  1. The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan
  2. In Depth Study of Romans
    • For some reason, Romans has come to me from a lot of angles the past 6 months, starting with an unexpected, long theological conversation I had with a Catholic Priest at Gatwick airport.  Since that time, it continues to work its way to me one way or another…
    • Have not picked one out yet, but I’m looking at this one.
  3. ESV Study Bible
    • I picked this up as a Christmas present for myself, and would like to work through it all, but I will probably go for a 2 year plan on this rather than the one year — my reading list for this year is already pretty substantial
  4. The Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin
    • Reformed21 is doing a year long blog study on this, but my book won’t get here until 1/16!  😦
  5. My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers
    • This is a daily devotional type book so I probably won’t read it all this year, but I would like to get it at some point and have it around.
  6. CCIE Security book
    • Need to pass CCIE Security written by 7/1!
  7. Chi Running. Danny Dreyer.
    • A book on running form, hopefully to continue to work on my knee issues.  I have been running more and have not felt the knee too much.
  8. What is Reformed Theology, RC Sproul
    • I am already 1/2 way through this — excellent so far!
  9. Yoga Anatomy
  10. Leading with a Limp
  11. The Screwtape Letters
    • I’ve already read this, but I’d like to read with Kelly
  12. The Tale of Despereaux
    • I think I need more fiction!  This was a great movie…
  13. In Cold Blood, Truman Capote.
    • After watching Capote a few weeks ago, I definitely want to read these.
  14. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Capote.
    • Ditto above…

I think this is a fairly balanced list (workout/athletic, Bible + Bible Study, Biblical based fiction, “fun” fiction), though it is a little short on fiction and is unfortunately missing a “classic” — along the lines of the the books listed in “100 Must Read Books List.” I normally do try to read one or two of those a year.  Hopefully I can fit one in, but right now this list is daunting enough!


2 thoughts on “Reading List 2009

  1. Cindi Peterson

    I love reading, you have some great choices listed. I want to comment on one in particular….Tale of Despereaux: Todd and I read this book together last year for one of his book reports. I’m sure the movie was cute, but the book was great. Todd loved it, I highly recommend you read it with Riley if it will hold her attention.
    I think I may be interested in reading the Chi running…I am always looking to improve/help my run.
    Thanks for posting your reading choices!

  2. seanb724 Post author

    Riley probably will do ok with it… I’ve read two of the Narnia books with her. The 1st one I had to do with a chapter or two of the movie to keep her interested, but the last one we have gone through without any movie at all. 🙂


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