This is a very technical (i.e. textbook-like) book.  I have learned a fair amount of anatomy from my knee journey over the years, visiting doctors, physical therapists, structural integration and rolfers, etc., but this book still had a ton of information about the knee that I do not know — not to mention the rest of the body.   It is probably more geared to yoga instructors than practitioners, especially those yoga instructors that really get into anatomy and working with those who have injuries and/or are trying to prevent injuries.  However, for those that are working towards their own practice, or to take their own practice to the next level, it would also be beneficial.  The nuances of muscle usage within each pose that is discussed is very detailed, so that you see how the slightest overuse of a muscle in a given pose, or rotation here or there, can have dramatic effects on other muscles and alignments.

I read the 1st few chapters in detail, and then started working through the poses.  But I quickly discovered that you really need to work each pose while reading — or read, then do the pose, then read a little more, then do the pose again, etc.  So that is what I now plan to do for many of the poses in this book.

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