Memento. 2000.


Netflix: Please add a comment field to when I add a movie to my queue that lets me input “why” or “how” or “from where.”  Something!  So many times a movie arrives in the mail, and I have no idea why…  This is one where I am not sure how or why it arrived in my queue, but I am glad I did.

While the language gets rough, and there is lots of violence, this is well worth the watch!  I won’t say more than that here.

2 thoughts on “Memento. 2000.

  1. ugh. . . this movie was WEIRD! i watched it way back when j. was on deployment and was disturbed. i remember the gimmick. . . odd. what did you like?????

  2. I thought it was unique in how it presented the story — the flow, and well done overall. Any time a movie can offer something unique, as long as it done well, whether it is in its story, how its told, music, cinematography, etc., I tend to like it.

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