Up! (2009)


How many times have you cried in a kids animated flick?   For me, the answer was probably “zero,” but after Up, I have to admit it — I cried.  Just a little teary eyed in the opening minutes (after the cloud making baby animal scene when the real movie started– btw, what was that all about?  It never got tied back in!)  But later in the movie, I definitely cried.   It’s a moving moment to realize you have lived out many adventures and had many dreams come true during your life, even though you had a “BIG DREAM” that you may not have ever attained.  Life is filled with little things more than big things, and the little things are what is so important, especially when they are shared with the ones you love.

Great movie, and a great chance to talk to your little ones about many life lessons.  Pixar has done it again!

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