Backwoods Orienteering Blue 10/18

It was a blustery day, but never managed to rain.  Joseph and Ruth set some very difficult courses including an 8.9K Blue course.  We had a couple of injuries, Pat Downey got a severe cut on his leg requiring medical attention by stepping into a stump hole where someone discarded some broken glass, and Patrik Heuman tripped over some barbed wire and got a bloody nose when he fell.  Pat, Jeff Eichman, and Don Childrey helped Patrik and then Jeff and Don helped Pat.  For your sacrifice helping an injured comrade instead of being disqualified for not finishing (DNF) you get a “Sporting Withdrawal” (SPW) for being a good sport.  Also thanks to Josef for setting out 24 controls early in the morning and helped with starts and finishes, to Joseph for teaching the class, and to Holly, Bill, Mihai, Vladimir, Artem, Bill, and Paul for retrieving controls after the event.  (Please let me know if I forgot you).

Link to the official page…

Results show:

Blue Course: 21 KP 8.9 km 

  1 Brian Thompson               1:40:45
  2 Sean M Butler                1:40:55
  3 Artem Kazantsev              2:08:39
  4 Mihai Ibanescu               2:10:29
  5 Patrik Heuman                2:18:11
    Jeffrey Eichman                  SPW
    Donald Childrey                  SPW     
    Patrick Downie                   SPW
    Pierre Nyquist                   DNF
    Miriam Noren                     DNF
    Stanley Matsson                  DNF
    Daniel Varner & Daniel Byars     DNF

Ernie, Brian, and I ran the course together (so it is odd there is a 10s discrepancy!), and I have to say it would have been VERY tough solo.  I likely would have been a DNF, there were so many tough controls!  But with 3 of us, we were able to find almost all of them pretty quickly — only off on a couple which you can see in the split.

Brian pretty much dragged us through the course.  🙂

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