The Gift of Asher Lev. Chaim Potok.

As soon as I finished My Name is Asher Lev, I wanted to dive right into the second book.  It was not available on the kindle, but I found my old paper back from many years ago.  The story picks up 20 years later than the 1st book finished… Another excellent read…


  • The seeing of God is not like the seeing of man.  Man sees only between the blinks of his eyes.  He does not know what the world is like during the blinks.  He sees the world in pieces, in fragments.  But the Master of the Universe sees the world whole, unbroken.  That world is good. Our seeing is broken.
  • A person has to have a reason for living, and the best reason is another person…
  • Are we so flawed that we can never truly know our own most secret motives?
  • Without man, what is God?  And without God, what is man?  Everyone needs the help of someone to complete the work of Creation that is never truly completed.
  • Art happens…. when someone interprets, when someone sees the world through his own eyes.  Art happens when what is seen becomes mixed with the inside of the person who is seeing it…  If an exciting new way of seeing an old object results… that’s the beginning of serious art…

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