The Primal Blueprint. Mark Sisson.

This was mentioned on the Google minimalist list a few times, and the latest thoughts on wheat (outside of Conventional Wisdom) are pretty interesting to me right now.  Sisson outlines 10 rules of the primal life style, ranging from nutrition, to exercise, to sleep, and play. I won’t get into all of them here but just focus on a couple that are most important to me, nutrition and exercise (though I love to sleep and play too!)
Since I am behind, these are just some quick thoughts…  Also, as an “experiment of one,” it will take some time to digest (pun intended) all of the information in this book!
I agree with much of what he writes about food such as the avoidance of all high fructose corn syrup, highly processed and refined foods, etc.  I am starting to believe more and more his feelings on veggie oils other than olive oil. I am not so sure I agree with him on beans and legumes.  I am curious about his feelings on wheat and other grains.  I do think that the body’s insulin response should be considered in light of the whole meal, not just individual parts of the meal.
I also feel similar to how he feels about what he calls “Chronic Cardio…”  My take is world class athletes are often not that healthy, as they have to push their bodies so hard to be world class.  His argument is that what most Americans do for exercise — those that do exercise — do too much hard cardio, where he defines cardio as > 75% MHR.  He suggests long slow cardio of a few hours at 55 – 75% MHR, which is what you would get on a decent hike.  He also advocates sprinting and “lifting heavy things,” which goes along with my exercise philosophy of doing lots of different things.  For me that includes running, hiking, biking, paddling, weights, yoga, plyometrics, etc.  He also states if you are in good Primal Shape, you should be able to jump into events as long as ultras and do ok.  Sounds good to me!  🙂
Along the lines of Real Food by Nina Plank.

And now for a few select quotes:

  • The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. —Thomas Edison
  • My goal with the Primal Blueprint is to expose much of the lucrative health and fitness industry as ethically and scientifically bankrupt.
  • “Perfection is impossible. However, striving for perfection is not. Do the best you can under the conditions that exist. That is what counts.” —John Wooden
  • Americans will always do the right thing—after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives. —Winston Churchill
  • Experience teaches us how difficult it is, if not impossible, to be lean, fit, energetic, and healthy following Conventional Wisdom.
  • However, too many lengthy workouts at elevated heart rates (between 75 percent and 95 percent of maximum) can put you at risk of exhaustion, burnout, injury, and illness.
  • The high-carbohydrate diet required to perform these workouts day-in and day-out only adds to the problem. At the extreme—such as with the overtrained marathon runner or ironman triathlete—a commitment to fitness can actually accelerate the aging process.
  • A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time—pills or stairs. —Joan Welsh
  • pursuing specialized athletic goals is inherently destructive to your health.
  • When I take responsibility for my actions, my misfortune becomes a growth experience—an appealing alternative to feeling like a victim or placing any importance on the notion of bad luck.
  • Increase your daily activity level in every possible way—walking or cycling instead of driving for nearby errands, taking the stairs, parking at the edge of the lot, strolling the neighborhood after dinner, and enjoying leisurely hikes on the weekends.

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