Running to the Top. Arthur Lydiard.

After Uhwarrie in early February, I wanted to take a little time off from running (which ended up being just a week), and then I had planned to start a 12 week program geared towards a 5k.  Life kind of through some curve balls in, so I’ve not quite trained like I would have like, but I”m still running pretty well.  Just not “training” for something specific.

Anyway, I wanted to follow a Lydiard style program, which I got from  But I also wanted to learn more about Lydiard and his training philosophies, so I got this book.  I have to say it is pretty disappointing.  It is just a bunch of his writing from various times, and they don’t always flow that well together.  And the last few chapters are written more for training footballers (soccer players), than runners!

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