Leadville Preparations

While I’ve of  course been training, it’s only in the past few days that I’ve started to get a bit more serious about “researching” the Leadville course.  At a high level I know the course is ~100 miles at an elevation  of about 9500′ – 13,500′ feet, with a killer climb in the middle of about 3500′ in 5 or 6 miles.  That after you finish the climb you have to turn around and do it again.  :-/

But I need to figure out gear choices, crew information, and (potentially) pacer information, as well as try to get some kind of idea of timing.  (I’ve pretty much put all thoughts of a goal finish time out of my head — right my goals are to #1 have fun and #2 finish.  )

This post will serve as a repository of links that I will add to over the coming days…

Course Descriptions / “how to’s”





Pacer Info


Race Reports






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