2013 Book shelf

Better late than never, and sorry I’ve stopped writing about each book I read.  Been a little busy.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.33.42 PM


No Better Time is the fantastic story of Daniel Lewin, and brings back memories of the early days of Akamai…

Yes, I admit it — I got sucked into the Warriors series of cat books because my 11 year old daughter was reading it!  I started and couldn’t put them down.  But there are something like 40 more, and I will not be reading those.

Read The Hunger Games again after watching the 1st movie a 2nd time, before the 2nd movie was released, and then watching the 2nd movie.  Really wanted to go back and compare. Started re-reading the 2nd book, but never finished it.

The Hundred Dresses and Mr. Popppers Penguines are 5th grade reading at HRCA, and I’m reading all of those books along with Riley.

Had to read Life of Pi before watching the movie.

Paleo Manifesto is excellent and is not a typical paleo book in anyway.

I still can’t believe the Holy or the Broken — an entire book about Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah.”

I am Malala is great.

Once a Runner was a re-read, but the “pre-quel” (by 20 years!) to Once Again to Carthage, and I wanted to read the 1st as a refresher before starting the 2nd.

There were a bunch of other books I started but did not finish, or that I’m still working through.




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