AZ & UT day 2:  Willis Creek Slot Canyon hike

After a good nights’ sleep in an excellent VRBO cabin, we had a quick bite to eat and heading out to Willis Creek in Escalante National Monument, one of the recommendations from the race director of the Bryce 100 in the race guide.  Our good friends the Reeves had left CO at 2 a.m. And were driving down, so we thought we’d get at least one hike in before they arrived.  We messaged them info on the house as well as where we were hiking, and they decided to drive out there to meet us.  In the end, we had finished hiking when they arrived, but we headed back out to show them a couple of the slots.  

I don’t recall ever having hiked slot canyons in my life, and they were simply fantastic.  I took a ton of photos but will only share a few here…

The next shot is from a bit of a precarious climb up to a “window” that we could look out…  It was maybe 65-70 feet up but we all made it.

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