AZ & UT day 13: Kartchner Caverns and Old Tucson

Today we left Sierra Vista, drove north a bit to Kartchner Caverns, then to Old Tuscon, and then the a friend of Grampy’s for dinner. 

Kartchner Caverns was really impressive / maybe even moreso than Jewel Cave in SD which we did two years ago. No cameras were allowed, but I’ll grab one or two from the Internet to share below. 

I thought “Old Tuscon” for lunch was just going to be an old part of town with shops and restaurants, but it turned out to be a Hollywood shooting growing, so there were acting and stunt man shows.  The kids loved it!  R2 surprised us all by volunteering at the stunt man show!

And we met there college/life-long friends of Grampy’s who then took us to their house for a wonderful evening of hospitality and food. 

We crashed at a hotel late at night after a long day.   

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