AZ & UT day 15:  Grand Canyon 

We drove the hour plus from Flagstaff to the south rim Grand Canyon, which is similar to Zion in that it’s mostly a shuttle based park.  Meaning it’s pretty crowded.  We just explored the rim today, but if/when we come back, we’ll hike Bright Angel and/or Grandview, and rafting the river looks pretty amazing!  And who knows, maybe even an R2R or R2R2R is in the future — just not at this time of year – way too hot!

We got back to Flagstaff around 8:30 and just had time to eat at Diablo Burgers, which we all agreed was pretty amazing! Granted, we were all very hungry, but I think it was outstanding and wouldn’t be opposed to going back today for lunch and/or dinner!

2 thoughts on “AZ & UT day 15:  Grand Canyon 

  1. I may do R2R in September, but not fast. Will be with my sister in law. Did it solo last year. If you want to come would love to see you.

    Looks like an amazing trip!

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