6BC – Briar Chapel 6 hour mountain bike race

I only raced the 3 hour, not the 6 hour, and jumped in the beginner/NOVICE category, as it’s the 1st mountain bike race I’ve done in 10+ years.  I’ve only done one short Huck-a-buck mtn bike race at Lake Crabtree a long time ago, and one 24 hour mtn bike race as a 2 man team with Charlie way back in the day…

I’ve mostly ridden with R2 recently, and hadn’t ridden more than 11-12 miles in quite a long time.   I was able to ride 4 loops in 3:02, for about 26 miles, and WON the NOVICE category.  I have to admit, though, the EXPERTs were amazing!  The top 3-4 would pass me once every loop, and they were riding about 2.5 miles more than me.   There’s also the OPEN category which is the largest, and I would have been lucky to be in the top 50% there!  But I’ll take it.  But I guess that’s the last time I can race NOVICE.


2 thoughts on “6BC – Briar Chapel 6 hour mountain bike race

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