Ankle saga

In the latest twist with the ankle (haha)– I’ve had a serious allergic reaction to the topical NSAID that was prescribed (Pennsaid).  The odd thing is that it took about a week of application before it blew up.  It first popped up a the beach, so maybe the sun exposure + Pennsaid triggered it, or maybe it was just the amount of medicine applied over time.  Either way, it’s the worst itch I’ve ever had.  😦

It also happened right before I flew to the UK, and I was unable to find any hydrocortisone there (prescription only in the UK, apparently).  All I could do is buy some anti-septic cream, which didn’t seem to do anything, and soak it in epsom salt in the hotel tub.

When I got back the states, I tried hydrocortisone for the weekend, but I went to see my regular doctor on Monday, who prescribed a topical steroid.   In the 16 hours and 3 applications of that since yesterday, it’s not started kicking in yet!  Here’s a photo for those of you that like such things.  It’s not clear how much inflammation is from the allergic reaction and how much remains from the injury.

I have run 20 minutes 4 or 5 times now, and that all feels fine.   But I certainly feel like I’m hindered by the current state of the foot.  😦




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