Beech Mountain Xterra 5k

On the day I started my 46 revolution around the sun, I was talked in to running the Beech Mountain Xterra 5k.  There was also a 15k, which is much more my kind of thing, but timing wise I just couldn’t make it work — we had to get off the mountain and get R1 off to camp.  Plus Lucho suggested a hard 5k would be better for me with where I am in my training right now.

I got quite the birthday present — the young gun that must have gotten 90-120s ahead of me missed a turn, and so while I thought I was running for 2nd place, I came in to the finish and was told I won the race overall!  Hardest 5k I’ve ever run (not that I run many, it’s been over two years since the last); slowest 5k (28:11) I’ve run at least in the last 25 years if not ever…  But I’ll take the win!  (It’s the 1st time I’ve ever won a race outright!)




Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.16.04 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.14.54 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.14.34 AM.png

The data shows I was in the 5:15 range on the downhill….

The Pursuit of Happiness

This article on came across my reader today:

And a couple of quotes really stood out to me, especially in light of my DNF at Bryce:

At some point, and I forget exactly how his comment came about, he said something along the lines of “isn’t this what it’s all about? The pursuit of happiness…not the race as such, that’s just an excuse to get together…it seems to me that what’s important is the shared experience…for better or for worse this is an incredible moment.”


Ultimately, it is not about the race, how fast or slow we run, it is about the people and the shared experiences, and that togetherness is for me what makes running in the mountains so meaningful.

This holds true for me for Bryce…  I had a great time at Bryce, both the family and friend time before and after, but also the race.  Would I liked to have finished?  Of course, but that wasn’t what was most important about the experience.

AZ & UT Day 9: Zion – Angels Landing

After we packed up the cabin we headed back to Zion. It was still crowded , but we actually got a parking spot in the park this time! We took a shuttle to the Grotto, and hiked up Angels Landing, which has sections with chains to hold on to, and 1000 foot drops on either side. It was a day with near record heat, and we all ran out of water. About a mile out I ran down to get more water and bring it back up, and passed EMTs heading up to help someone out – presumably and hopefully for heat exhaustion. 

After we hiked down, we got some refreshments at the lodge, and took the shuttle back toward the car. We ended the 100F+ day with some time in the Virgin river.  

Photos below:

AT & UT day 4: Bryce

With the start of race tomorrow, we laid low today with a few short walks around Bryce and the scenic drive.  We made it to race check-in in time for Ben to compete in the beverage mile, and I paced him on the last loop.  I could definitely feel the altitude!  Photos of Bryce below.  

AZ & UT Day 3: Zion

Zion is majestic and beautiful and stunning, but today it was also tremendously (over) crowded.  Lots of traffic and parking was full. We had to park outside of the park itself and shuttle in. We still did a couple of easy hikes – Emarald Pools lower, middle, and upper, and the Riverwalk.  Reece, Ben and I also went about 10 minutes up the Narrows.  Photos below:

I hope to get back to do Angels Landing but it may have to be another trip.