PT appointment

I met with S. again today, and she did patella mobilizations, knee flex stretches, and electro stim for 30 minutes. The 1st few minutes I did quad presses when the ES was activated, and then after that I did leg raises while contracting the quad when the ES was activated.

As far as knee flexion, she measured me at 132 degrees, which is much better than just 1 week ago. It’s still tender if you go that far but it is certainly getting better. Overall she seems pretty happy with my progress — she was very surprised that I’ve been using the R leg now going up and down stairs. (Down is a bit harder.)

She wants me to add a couple more leg raises to my work now — one lying on my R side, L leg drapped over the right, and lift the R leg; and the other lying on my L side and just raising the R leg.. I’ll see if I can find some pictures of these.

I’ve been pretty good about my workouts 2X / day:

– 6 min walk on treadmill @ ~ 3.4 pmh
– 5 min stationary bike
– 30 x 5 sec hold quad press
– 30 x 5 sec hold hamstring press
– 30 straight leg lifts
– 10 X knee flexions with an isometric push out b/w flexions
– a few down dogs thrown in here and there

I will start to increase the time on the treadmill and bike tomorrow.

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