2nd PT appointment

I had my 2nd PT appointment yesterday. My regular PT, B., is gone, so I met with S. She did some patella mobilizations, assisted knee flexion stretches, and then hooked me up to the electro stim for 25 minutes. This time ES was for strengthening, not reducing the swelling, and I did “quad presses” whenever the ES was sending stim to my leg and making the muscle contract. Normally with quad presses I don’t feel like I’m getting much done, but with the ES, there was some definite feelings of tiredness at the end. We also did a few straight leg raises while lying flat on my back, and I can start incorporating these into my home PT.

I’ve also upped my treadmill walk from 5 minutes to 6 minutes. I’ve left my cycling at 5 minutes as this is still a touch more difficult due to the amount of knee flexion needed, but this morning it did feel better so in the next day or two I’ll increase that as well.

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