Quick Update

A quick update on my progress:

  • I actually ran for 5 minutes out of a 30 minute treadmill walk on Monday. I ran 1 minute on the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 minute marks. I was a bit sore later, but not much.
  • On Wednesday the fitness center at the hotel I was at was closed, so I tired the run walk routine outside. But it didn’t feel good at all running so I stopped at 2 minutes.
  • On Thursday the fitness center was back and I ran 2 minutes 4 times with 3 minute walks between. Knee was a bit tender so I did not do the 5th one which was my original intent.
  • I’m up to 30 minutes on the stationary bike and that feels good.
  • My PT had me start adding plyometrics — basically a “stool vault” where I bound from one leg to another over a stool, some straddling movements, crossover side running, etc.
  • And I’ve added wall squats, mostly single leg with the right leg, and hamstring curls, to my leg lift exercises to work on the right leg’s strength.
  • Finally, lots of stretching of the IT band and the lateral posterior hamstring. Well, the lower outside part that feels like a tendon.

I’d like to be doing more but overall I am happy with my progress. My knee is still tight but I recently reached 137 degree flex, so only a little more to go to be normal. But that is not very comfortable yet!! And it does get a bit sore here and there and is still somewhat inflammed. But again I had more than just a simple scope and recovery will take some time. And of course I won’t know if this solved the long term problem of patellofemoral syndrome until I can really start pushing it.

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