I haven’t written in a while so here’s an update. Something I should have written about but did not was that I fell on Saturday 10/29. I was being silly and jumped on a vine hanging from a tree in our backyard, and down it came. My knees were flexed, so I landed hard on both legs, and the R leg flexed much more than it has since surgery. It was extremely painful – so much so that I got a little nauseous. But it seemed to recover relatively quickly after that.

I’ve been sore the last few days (weeks?) under the patella tendon, just a bit medially. I thought it may have been from some agressive stool vaults my PT had me try or the fall, or maybe a combination of the two. Looking back at my exercise log, my fall was on 10/29 but I ran 20 minutes straight on 11/1. But ever since that 20 minute run, I’ve been too tender to add to it. In fact, I’ve stopped running after 5 or 6 minutes a couple of times. Just last night I did 2 minutes running 1 minute walking 5 times for a total of 10 minutes running.

I have been biking w/o discomfort both on the trainer and on the roads. I’ve done just over 30 minutes so far. I’m about 1 minute per mile slower than before surgery on my 6 mile assesment ride to the boat ramp and back, but that is w/o pushing it at all and no standing while pedalling.

When we were in the hospital for a few days when Reece was born, I actually got sore by not doing anything! I was not icing there, so maybe that was part of it.

I am disappointed and frustrated with where I am. The patella tendon pain seems to be subsiding after a couple of weeks so that is good. The patella does not move very much — even less so than before surgery. My PT worked really hard on it today and it did loosen up.

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