Dr. Visit

I had to go to Chapel Hill to see my Dentist, and since my knee was sore I thought I’d swing by the surgeon’s office to discuss it. I showed him where I’m sore on the medial inferior facet of the knee, and explained how the patella tendon area has felt tender recently (“squishy” while running).

He poked and proded and in the end thinks that this is just a normal part of my recovery. There’s still some inflamation in the trochlear grove that the patella is rubbing, and it will take some time to go away. He said continue to listen to my body and back off when necessary. If running seems to be the major cause, to back off running and conentrate on biking. He again suggested swimming and water running, but I don’t live close enough to a pool to make that possible on a regular basis.

I also expressed my concern to him that the patella now seems less mobile than before surgery, and he also said that was natural. After surgery the retinaculum fibers tend to tighten, and that I just need to continue to work on my mobilizations.

And finally he suggested iontophorsis for the two “nodules” that have grown at the portals. These seem to be tough fibrous tissues, almost like calcium deposits, but he just said they are scare tissue. Sometimes they have to go in surgically to remove them but he thinks mine will benefit from iontophorsis, which is when cortizone is massaged in electronically. So I’ll talk to my PT about that.


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