Knee update

So I went to review the scans with the Dr. today. Apparently when he called me earlier this week, he was reading the radiologist’s report, which says:

“Findings consistent with horizontal tear posterior horn medial meniscus.”

But my Dr. showed me the scans and he doesn’t think there’s a tear at all. There is certainly something going on there, but perhaps just degeneration.

He also showed me some other areas of interest on the scans, and the effusion (bone contusion) of the condyle femur, which was strongly evident 18 months ago in my 1st scans, are really not visible. That’s consistent in the fact that I no longer feel pain laterally along the bone. Also, there is a “gap” between the patella and the femur, where he did some clean up, that is visible. There’s really nothing in the area of the patella tendon where it attaches to the patella, which is where I was really sore for 4-6 weeks. Perhaps the iontopherosis did something after all?

He wants to wait 2-3 months before we make a decision on a 2nd surgery. I tend to agree as I have been improving a lot. Right now the only thing that bothers me is impact, such as running or hiking down steep hills. Biking and elliptical are fine. So I think I’ll wait, and just take it slow on getting back to running.

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