30 minutes

I haven’t written a knee update in quite some time, but I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill today. That is the longest I’ve run so far since surgery. We’ll see how it feels later today and/or tomorrow. Right now, I can tell that I used it, but it doesn’t hurt or feel tender. I’ve not taken any NSAID or iced it yet either.

Running is still the thing that bothers me the most. I can hike, bike, do elliptical, etc., all with no problems. Hopefully I’m on the way back to 100%, but I’ve decided that if I can never run another marathon, as long as I can keep on hiking, I’ll be ok.

Now that the basement is 98% done (I think the last 2% is the hardest!), I can really start working out at home again. I need to get back to the PT routine of strengthening and stretching, and I really plan on doing yoga at least once or twice a week. When I was doing lots of yoga a few years ago, that is pretty much the only time I’ve been injury free.

1 thought on “30 minutes

  1. So I was sore later that day and the next morning, but after that it was pretty much back to normal. So that’s about 24 hours of soreness after the run. I had run with my neoprene sleeve on, so maybe I should try without next time. Either way I will drop down to 20 or 25 minutes of run time, I think.


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