Orienteering: Raven Rock Red Course 2/11/07


In the past, I have a couple of very bad performances at Raven Rock. It’s a park the club only uses once a year, so I’m much less familiar with it, though in theory, that shouldn’t matter. This time around, though, I did relatively well. There was only one control I struggled with that cost me maybe 10-15 minutes. But other than that, I was running well, navigating ok (not great!), and my knee felt fine. I was somewhat disappointed with 5th place, as I thought I would have been a little higher. But the times were relatively close between 2nd and 5th.

Raven Rock is a beautiful park, and doing an advanced course means you get to see some places that people don’t go very often. The course setters did an outstanding job with control placement that allowed us to really go to some neat places. They also used the European style of laying the controls in such a way that you really need to find the feature, not the control. So if you are not navigating well, it would be very hard to get through the advanced courses.

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