Quick Knee Update

Just wanted to post a quick update that I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill today. I have been slowly building up towards that. I have been doing the long (60 -120) minute orienteering events, in which I do run a lot, and those have been pretty good to my knee. While it would get sore back in September when I 1st started them, it has not been bad at all in the last couple events– even with Riley on my back. But the treadmill has been a little different. I may be a little tender later, but hopefully not. Granted, I am very slow. At 8:30 min/mile pace, my heart was pushing 170! I used to be able to run 6:30’s at that rate. And I only ran at that pace a minute or two. I averaged about 10 min/mile, though that includes both a 5 minute warm up and cool down at walking pace.

Beyond running, I have not done much biking the past couple of months other than one sping class. I do elliptical now and then, but maybe just once a month. I have been doing PT type strengthening and stretching one or two times a month, and I have been getting back into Yoga — but still just once a week or so. I have been mixing in more yoga to the PT routines, though.

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