Long Distance Hiking. Lessons from the Appalachian Trail.


Roland Mueser. 1998.

I’ve been reading this off and on the past several months, and finally finished it. Overall a good book, though it is starting to be dated in some areas, especially anything that has to do with gear technology.

Roland Mueser hiked the entire trail in the early 90’s, and then surveyed 125+ hikers that also thru-hiked that year after they all had finished, and compiled information on just about every aspect of long distance hiking, especially as related to the AT. Gear, food, sleeping, wildlife, planning, etc…

Much of the book is really good, but gear technology has changed so much, that many sections are definitely out dated now. Clothing, packs, footware, etc. are all much different than 15-20 years ago!

However, reading a book like this definitely makes me want to do the whole thing! I pretty much always have, but reading about it just makes my desire that much stronger. But with my family and job and knees, I doubt it will ever happen, but I can still dream. 🙂

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