Broken vs. Unbroken People

I love to listen to Pastor Bob Coy’s Acitve Word podcasts when I travel, and recently he had the following to say about broken vs. unbroken people that he referenced from a Moody’s Magazine article.

It seemed worthy of posting here so I can reference it in the future.

Prideful and Unbroken Person Humble and Broken Person
focuses on the failures of others overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual need
maintains control (has to be their way) surrenders control and looks for the best way
feels confident in how much they know humbled by how much they have to learn
rebelious towards others in authority very submissive to authority
defensive when criticized receives criticizm with a hungry and open heart
works to maintain image, protect reputation dies to his own reputation
has a hard time saying “i am wrong” quick to admit failure and seek forgiveness
waits for others to come and ask for forgiveness takes initiative to be reconciled
believes the “ministry is priviledged to have me” believes “i don’t deserve to serve in this ministry”

If you hvae iTunes and want to check out the Active Word podcast, click here.

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